Alphabet Cake
Alphabet CakeAlphabet CakeAlphabet CakeAlphabet CakeAlphabet Cake

Here we have an alternative treat for any occasion! Customise your own letter of choice as well as the design of the cake. The cake is approximately 8" in height per alphabet and is suitable for smaller celebrations between 2-6 people.

You can choose the flavour of your choice from our list below,
- Earl Grey Lavender*
- Red Velvet
- Chocolate Hazelnut*
- Lemon Thyme*
- Banana Walnut
- Lychee Rose
- Yam (Orh Nee)
* - denotes best sellers


Do note that the cake should be placed in the fridge or an air-conditioned room to ensure freshness. The cake can last 2-3 hours in a chilled room, and should be taken out an hour prior to cake cutting to ensure a soft cake. 

The cake should be consumed within 4-5 days from day baked. 

1 letter2 letters
Banana WalnutChocolate HazelnutEarl Grey LavenderLemon ThymeLychee RoseRed VelvetStrawberry ShortcakeYam ("Orh Nee")

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